The concentration specifies the proportion of diamond or CBN in the abrasive layer. As a general rule for the selection of the appropriate concentration, a high concentration can be recommended for small areas and coarse grits and a low concentration is advisable for large contact areas and fine grits.The difference of density of CBN in comparision with diamond is only unimportant so that for a concentration of 100, the content of abrasive grain also amounts to %25 volume of bond. The concentration influences in a high degree, the grinding performance and the life of a tool as well as the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the material to be machined.

The choice of the concentration depends on the type of grinding wheels(shape,grit,sizes,bond), the working conditions and the requirements(cutting ability,life,dimensional stability)


Higher Concentrations C75…C125/V180…V300;

• High requirements for profile and edge stability
• Small abrasive layer thicknesses
• Hard bond
• Creep feed grinding

Standart Concentrations C50…C75/V120…V180

• Straight wheels for surface and cylindrical grinding
• Cup wheels,e.g. for tool grinding
• Larger abrasive layer thicknesses
• Soft bond
• Finer grit

Low Concentrations C25…C38

• Cup wheels with extremely wide rim widths
• Wheels with extremly fine grit size